A cabin in the woods

I love cabins.

The sight of a cabin in the middle of nowhere is something comforting. After long days of walking, finding refuge in a cabin is a gift.


The cabin is a philosophy for some. Sylvain Tesson, french adventurer and writer, speaks of a “motionless journey” during his stay which lasted six months in a cabin on the shores of Lake Baikal. I totally agree. Staying alone in a cabin for a while forces you to face many things you forget most of the time, intentionnaly or not. The first of them? YOURSELF.

The emerging shape of the cabine is something comforting too. You can find so many different types of them, discovering a new one is always exciting.


The architecture of the cabin is something that changes depending on its location. I have a preference for wooden huts. These are the most common in the wild. They literally melt into the landscape and do not spoil anything.


In Scotland, “bothies” are usually stone-made, but in a country where old ruins are so common, it totally fits in the landscape.


Life in the cabin is organized around the most basics rituals: cutting wood and fetching water are the two major ones. Simple life.


After a long hike in the cold, what is better than that?




I love to stay in cabins in remote places, as much as I like to photograph them. I don’t claim to be a photographer of any kind, I just like to document and remember these nice and cosy shelters.



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