Vildmarksmässan, Stockholm

This morning Benjamin and I headed for the Vildmarksmässan, the Stockholm outdoor fair. It was my first time there, I was just curious about it and was not expecting anything from it apart a nice Saturday morning walk. We actually just popped by and stayed less than an hour.

Sweden is a country of outdoor tradition, I wanted to see how big the business is. My first impression: lots of people, lots of gear, lots of everything! Seems that outdoor business is going well!

I had no camera but my phone, which explains the poor quality of my only two shots:

photo(31)This is how it looks like from the stairs.

I was really pleased to see how many outdoor -oriented swedish brands exist.

photo(32)We stopped by Avanza Kayak and had a nice talk with Per about packrafting. We wanted to learn more about the swedish packraft scene. It seems that swedes are more interrested in real kayaks than inflatables. Hopefuly the community will grow the next few years!

Can’t wait to paddle the archipelago… Just a few more weeks to wait…

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