Everest Base Camp and random pics from Nepal

In December I went to Nepal. I wanted to trek to the Everest Base Camp. It was an old dream to see the tallest mountain on Earth. I decided to do it solo, mostly to save money, but I also wanted to see if I was able to do it. I did it. My major concern was the altitude sickness but apart from a short breath above 13 000ft it was okay. Winter is a great time to do this trek: few people and great blue sky above tree line.

I am not doing a detailed trip report this time. There are already too many blogs and websites about this trek. Plus it’s a trek, so no “big” adventure this time, just a trail to follow… with the nicest views I ever had.

Just a few words, I want to make it short but I also want to give a piece of advice about the EBC trek: This trek is easy but demanding. The only problem you could encounter is to suffer from altitude sickness. Don’t try to be a heroe, I’ve seen some dudes in really bad shape trying to ignore the symptoms, stupid! There’s just one trail so you won’t get lost. It’s super easy to do it alone during this time of the year: the lodges are not crowded, you’ll always find a bedroom. The days are pretty warm but the nights are super cold, there’s no heater in the lodges so be prepared for cold nights. Pack smart and light, you can easily have a 5-6kg backpack. You don’t need big boots, hiking shoes are fine and a pair of light trekking pants are alright, even in December (have some tights for the night though). I had two rest days (Namche and Dingboche) and that was enough. Now book a flight and go for it!

If you want to do some rock climbing in Nepal, you should get in touch with the guys from Harcore Nepal , they’re great!

Picture 19

One of the most dramatic views of Ama Dablam I had.

Picture 17

Porters are true heroes.

Picture 22

Prayer flags above Dingboche.

Picture 20

Picture 18When I left Namche, on my way up there was no visibility and it was freezing cold.

Picture 23Good times in the Khumbu valley.

Picture 29Khumbu Glacier

Picture 24Mount Everest from Kala Patar.

Picture 32Nice weather on my way down.

Picture 47A monkey chilling next to an indhu temple.

Picture 50A saddhu.

Picture 37

Picture 39Rock climbing in th Kathmandu valley.

Picture 52 Swayambunath, Kathmandu

Picture 55

Kathmandu from the monkey temple.


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    Great photos and post from a new Hardcore Nepal Adventurer!

  2. Merci pour ces photos lumineuses qui prennent un aspect à présent très émouvant. Pendant que le terrible bilan des victimes ne cessent de s’accroitre, votre initiative de faire circuler ce témoignage sur le toit du monde, d’avant la catastrophe, ne peut qu’inciter à participer de près ou de loin à l’élan de solidarité général. Encore une fois, la Terre est en deuil, et grande est notre peine…………JB

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