Silver print Wallace!

I’m such a bad photographer, it’s almost cool.

As some people know, I’m a rewarded artist. Everything I do can be seen as art. My drawings are so amazing that Leonardo DiCaprio bought one of them. As a complete and achieved artist, I can use every medium. So I decided to take pictures with a film camera because I wanted to.

(Edit: I’ve been told that this paragraph is a little bit too much and not funny. My apologies for this bad write up)

I used my old film camera that actually belongs to my mother. I had not used it for over a decade. The result is so bad that it looks (almost) cool. I’m totally responsible for the carnage even though I don’t know what I did wrong. Anyway, don’t look down your nose at me if you are a skillful photographer because, really, I don’t care and I’m not looking to improve my technique or anything.

(Edit: that paragraph is actually true)

It’s art, you fool!

I took these pictures during the Swedish packrafting roundup 2017.

Disclaimer: This series has been acclaimed and is considered by many art critics as a master piece and a turn in the history of modern photography.

Packrafting dirt bags

The true faces of packrafting


PS: Leonardo DiCaprio, I know I used your name to tell a lie in this post, but if you read this and still want to buy a beautiful drawing from me, feel free to contact me (I can also take a picture of you).



If you took this post seriously and want to buy a picture or a drawing, contact me.


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  1. Awesome! Everyone is fucking great! I knew you’re a packrafting legend! now you are also a master photographer in my eyes! Best of all, you’re also a nice hobo dude! 😜👍🏻Best regards, a former photographer and regular packrafter Tobbe💀👊🏻👍🏻I Love film analog film!

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