Light show and camera issues

after storm


I took this pictures two years ago. I was on the Kungsleden, heading for Sarek when a lightstorm started. It did not last for long, and when it eventually stopped, another show started. Shadows and lights started to dance together all over the landscape. It was wonderful. I was carrying my old DSLR camera, so I started to take pictures. Here are two of them.



I always wonder if I should carry such a massive camera as I do. During this trip I had my Nikon D50 which is pretty lightweight for a DSLR cam. I have been using a Nikon D7000 for almost two years now. I love this camera, I really enjoy taking pictures with it. But it’s so big and heavy… way more than a D50… I gradually stopped carrying my tripod and the extra lenses.

As I said before, I don’t claim to be a photographer. The thing is, I love to document everything during my trips. And a D7000 offers a great range of possibilities and some good quality shots. I am now moving to the UL world, re-thinking all my gear. Camera is a big deal then. If you guys have any advice, I’ll be happy to take it!


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