Fixed gear bikes and ducks

Just an overnight fixed gear trip in the Stockholm rural outskirts. We cycled about 60km from home to Domarudden. Good times. I’ll let the pictures talk.

DSC01130Natasza trying to catch flies.

DSC01137Me, getting drunk for the ride.


Natasza killing it at Mont Ventoux.

DSC01157Kids, don’t ever play with food.

DSC01167We climbed some massive amounts of stairs, thinking of George Mallory who did quite the same somewhere someday.

Picture 5

Hiting the country side with our rocket bikes.

Picture 4Rehydratation, crucial.

DSC01178Getting there

DSC01221Just a bike and a lake.

DSC01197Cleaning the dirt out of our skin, au naturel

DSC01186The bathroom was okay

DSC01231View from our bed.

DSC01233Mountain Laurel Designs bug net in action.

DSC01238This little guy I named Jack came by our camp to share some bread. Nice breakfast with a local from the lake.

DSC01242Getting bored, let’s ride back home.

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