Shallow waters, a short trip to Nittälven

The plan was to paddle Dalälven with my friend FX in order to give him a taste of packrafting. But when we reached the river we realized it was not the best spot for a first timer, the water level was pretty high and the rapids about class 3+ with a freezing cold water and no safety line. So we decided to retreat. Instead of heading home, we drove to Nittälven, maybe the safest river in the world, with class -1 rapids and mostly flat water. Perfect spot for a beginner, FX was happy. Nittälven is a beautiful little river that flows through nice forests full of mooses. We slept in the small shelter in Dansarbacken, which is truly a lovely place. Thankfully, it rained the whole night so the river grow a tiny bit bigger.

The ride was super quiet and nice, but we constantly hit the riverbed and had to walk and portage many times.

Since I tasted big waters and alpine rivers I must confess I find this kind of river a bit too quiet for me, though it’s truly a wonderful little river that is worth paddling. It must be the most packrafted river in Sweden since it’s the home-river of the local packrafting gang, The Deliverance Team. This guys inspired quite a few people to paddle down Nittälven. Nice job.






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  1. Nive video and the story. I hope that your friend FX has been converted to packrafting 😉

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