A tribute to Kathmandu


Nature is big in Nepal. The tallest mountains on Earth, raging rivers, endless jungles among so many other amazing things. Mother Nature is powerful in every aspect in Nepal, even when it comes to natural disasters. She reminds us one more time she is the one to be respected. Two days after the massive earthquake that hit Nepal, I can’t think about anything else than the people of Nepal, that country I feel so connected with since my first trip in December 2013.

My first trip to Nepal is like a milestone in my life. It literally changed my vision of the world, of my own everyday life and probably my future.

I was in Nepal also this year, roughly a month before the earthquake. During this trip I thought a lot about earthquakes, I knew it was a critical earthquake zone and that seismic hazards are frequent in the area. Everybody in Nepal knew a big one was going to happen someday. That day was two days ago. Too many people died and we are still counting the dead.

One of the first reaction I heard from my family and friends was “I am so glad it didn’t happen when you were there”, then came ” I hope you won’t go back, it’s too dangerous”. Well, of course I am also glad it didn’t happen when I was there, and yes there are some hazards in Nepal. Though, I will go back. More than ever. Nepal will need us, Westerners, to heal and recover from this disaster. I will go back to Nepal, I will meet my friends again, I will meet some new people too, I will take pictures, shoot videos, make drawings, climb mountains, explore rivers, and I will share my experience, tell my friends how wonderful this country is. For the second year in a row many climbers died in the mountains and this earthquake destroyed many touristic places all over the country. It means Nepal doesn’t have a bright future in terms of tourism, so going there anyway will help the country’s economy.

My heart is with the people of Nepal, my friends who live up there, all the climbers, the Sherpas and everybody who suffer from this disaster.

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