OR Luminary Sensor Gloves Review

Well Well Well, what do we have here? Some Shiny new gloves to review! Okay, let’s do this!

front illustration

Last November I received a package at home. I knew I did not order any new gear so I was not expecting anything to be delivered. First I was like Brad Pete in Seven “WHAT’S IN THE BOX? WHAT’S – IN – THE BOX?”. Then I opened it and it was only gloves. Reassured, I put them on and my life changed. The thing that changed was that I had proper winter gloves.

I used them all winter on different activities. So now I’ll do my best to give them a decent review.

Let’s start with facts.

  • They’re black
  • They have neon green details
  • They’re supposed to be used from -7C to -17C or from 20F to 0F if you live in America
  • They’re windproof
  • They’re water resistant
  • They have a removable wool lining
  • They are breathable
  • They are touch-screen sensitive


Finding the right gear is always a hassle. Try to count how many clothing items you own. It’s easy to focus on the clothes that cover the largest parts of your body: trousers, shirts, fleeces, etc. My mum always told me extremities have to be covered and protected from the elements. And my mum is usually right! So, small items are as important as big ones. That’s why good gloves are important. And like any good piece of gear, good gloves are pricey. But it’s worth it. You want to keep you hands and fingers working. Let’s see if these gloves are worth their price.

First of all, these gloves are designed for climbing. Since their temperature range is below zero Celsius, we can safely assume they are designed for ice climbing. I won’t lie: I did not ice climb this winter. But I put them to the test differently. I skied, biked, ice skated, I built snow men and I took part to epic snowball fights. And I wore them down to -15C.

In the forest

Efficiency against the cold

The least I can say is that they do the job pretty well. I used them on many occasions where it was not only cold but also windy and wet. I’ve never been cold with these gloves. I always thought that mittens were more efficient against cold because I always ended up with frozen fingers when wearing gloves. With these ones I stayed warm all the time. That was a first for me.

The removable wool lining is great, it’s not too tight, you can easily remove it and put it back.


So, efficiency against cold and wind: CHECK!

Are they water resistant?

I’m always skeptical when I see the mention water resistant on an item. For me it has to be waterproof or nothing. I’m not a big fan of soft shell fabrics. I use some soft shell trousers when mountaineering, but not much more.

As said before I used them on many different occasions and I’ve never been wet. Even ice skating for hours with kids on a melting lake. So, that’s a major PRO. In fact they are more waterproof than the supposedly waterproof gloves I owned before.

Water resistant? CHECK!


I get too warm easily, very easily. So usually I wear light gloves but I’m not happy because I’m not protected again humidity and wind. I’ll make it simple: it breathes perfectly. CHECK!

Are they really touch-screen sensitive?

Hell yeah, they are!


I must say, I love this feature. It’s really convenient, especially when your smart phone is your only camera.

So, what not to like about these gloves?
  • I’m not a big fan of the green stitches, but the overall look is great.
  • There is a loop on each glove to put them on more easily. This feature would have been better if they were larger. It works to clip the gloves to your harness but they’re not super efficient otherwise.
  • That’s it!


They’re my go-to gloves when I have to draw gloves
Are these gloves nice?

Yes Sir, they are!


Click HERE to find out more about Outdoor Research gloves.

Disclaimer: This review is part of the OBN project. The item review was send to me free of charge and I have written my own impressions without pressure or any real “what’s in the box” situation.

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