Packrafting Austria

In Late June 2017 I met with Peter Allen in Austria for a short trip. The plan was to drink beers and maybe check some local rivers out.

This trip was so short I am glad I have some pictures as reminders. I won’t write a full report because it doesn’t make sense and it would be really boring but here are some facts about the trip:

  • Austria is a beautiful country.
  • You can eat schnitzels every day with no shame.
  • Everybody seems to kayak in Austria.
  • Mountains are stunning.
  • Fireflies are absolutely amazing at night.
  • We paddled Salza river and the Enns, both are awesome.
  • It is hard to get information about the rivers on internet.
  • People still smoke in bars and restaurants in Austria.

Alpackalypse first impressions

During the trip I used the 2017 Alpackalypse from Alpackaraft. It was the first time I was using it properly and I am not disappointed at all, it’s a great boat: very responsive and playful. It has everything I was looking for. The boat is very tippy and does respond like a classic packraft. Note that I was previously using a modified Yak with double seat moved forward and thigh straps and I was still surprised how different the Alpackalypse is. It is definitely the best packraft I ever owned but it’s not a boat that everybody would like. Most packrafters are looking for a forgiving boat, easy to handle. The Alpackalypse is not a packraft of this kind at all. It takes time to get used to it. But it’s so fun, I would not go back to another model I guess. Well, the Gnarwal looks very very nice as well…

 I used the Alpackalypse on different kinds of rivers and rapids from class I to V.

I don’t have an extended experience of this boat yet so I won’t go any further in the review now.

I don’t have a lot of action pictures from this trip, pics were taken mostly from shore and eddies.

A 6 meter pool drop with a complicated put in. Great landing, avoid the rock on the left.

The Enns:

Great river, everything from class I to deadly siphons and class VI.

Salza River:

Pure beauty. Very easy and enjoyable river, suitable for beginners.

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Even though Alpackaraft is mentioned a lot and in good terms in this post, I have not been bribed, I write freely and objectively. They simply produce the best packrafts on Earth and I am glad to have a good relationship with them.



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